Jetstream APS...

  • Has been in business over 30 years.
  • Typically completes APSs in 7 to 9 days and, on many occasions, in 1 to 2 days.
  • Provides APSs at no cost to the broker, as the carrier is billed for all formal applications.
  • Works with all major carriers, including: Banner Life, Cincinnati Life, Lincoln Financial, Minnesota Life, North American, Pacific Life, Principal Financial, Protective Life, Prudential, Symetra, Transamerica and United of Omaha.
  • Handles APSs nationwide and provides on-site copying throughout California.
  • Serves clients such as The Advantage Insurance Network, Aimcor, BRAMCO, Capitas Financial, CPS Insurance, Insurance Designers, Lion Street, The Marketing Alliance, and National Financial Partners.
  • Has a state of the art, user friendly website where APSs can be ordered and status provided online.

Our Commitment

We know it is of utmost importance for our clients to receive their Attending Physician Statements in a timely manner, so we are committed to providing the fastest, most efficient service possible.

We treat every case as a rush and are highly proactive when interacting with medical facilities. In addition to following up frequently, we are very assertive and persuasive in getting facilities to expedite our requests. We do not simply accept it when a facility states they are going to take 2 to 3 weeks to release records. Rather, we urge them to provide records as quickly as possible, emphasizing that medical records play an essential part in their patient's insurance application.

What our clients say about us ...